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‘Vegan-Organic: Rethinking Agri & Food’ by Theo Grent

In ‘Vegan-Organic’ author Theo Grent addresses the complex and obstinate relationships between farming and natural resources, and argues that a transition towards an animal-free agricultural and food production system benefits the conservation of biodiversity, land, water, energy, climate, human health and animal welfare simultaneously. 

This book centres around the opposition from people-led movements, consisting of organic farmers, food, indigenous and land right activists, civil society organisations and vegan circles, to the corporate take-over of agricultural and food systems. These grass-roots movements claim food sovereignty, instead of promotion of false solutions by multinational corporations. 

Based on ethics, ‘Vegan-Organic’ also challenges the hegemony of animal-based models in conventional organic movements that oppose modern corporate agriculture. It argues that we urgently need to rethink our agricultural and food production systems. The potential benefits of a curtailment of livestock industry are matters of political considerations: diminished livestock farming, less animal feed to be imported from far and a more extensive agricultural production system. Production of food for human consumption should be primarily plant-based, and in a ‘real green deal’ intensive livestock farming should play a limited and supportive role. 

The livestock industry needs to be approached from a different angle: bottom-up, not top-down. This book will also stimulate our agri & food production sector in its much-needed transition. Our future is plant-based!

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ISBN: 978-94-6443-615-0
116 Pages.